Ranikot one of the Underrated and Beautiful Place to Hangout

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Ranikot is one of the beautiful and historical places which lies above the Pilot Baba Ashram, Gymape Danda. It has now become one of the best and a favorite destination for most visitors. This place lies at an altitude of just 2,782m, it undoubtedly gives an amazing view of the great Himalayas.


There are many routes to hike to this place. Some of these are Suryabinayak-Ranikot-Aashapuri, Suryabinayak-Ranikot-Phulchoki and Suryabinayak-Ranikot-Lankuri Bhanjyang, making Ranikot the midpoint. Also, from here, one can enjoy the surreal view of the Langtang mountain range and the Kathmandu valley. Well, if you couldn’t afford to walk, then you could just grab your own vehicle to go there.


Ranikot Fort

According to locals, Ranikot was an ancient fort, built by King Prithvi Narayan Shah during the medieval period.The royals families used to come here to relax. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of fort now.

Baghbhairava temple at Ranikot

There is a temple of Baagbhairab which is itself proof of being the place religiously important as well. People from various place visit this temple every year on the full moon day of Baishak and Mangshir. One amazing fact about this temple is that there is no status of Bhairav. There is only a huge stone image of a tiger over there.



Roopesh Ghimire

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