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Prepaid vs Postpaid SIM ,Which to choose?

Sim is the foremost thing in mobile technology  which is based on subscriber identification model .  Generally there are two types of Sim i.e Postpaid and Prepaid Sim. Most of us are familiar about the term but we still are confused about the actual meaning of postpaid and prepaid sim.

Prepaid Sim

Prepaid refers to the payment made in advance and services are availed afterward.The money is  loaded first which is called recharge after which we can make calls receive calls SMS etc.Prepaid recharges don’t last forever. Most will come with a set expiry, like 30 days, 60 days etc . That means, whatever inclusions come with the recharge, we have 30 days , 60 days to use them or lose them. In prepaid, people have some balance in their account which will be instantly cut for the usage of the telecom service. It is cheaper than postpaid and used by common peoples .

Postpaid Sim

Postpaid Sim is one in which we first avail the services and thereafter pay the price for it. Big organizations and company provides its staff with postpaid plans.The bill amount of the staffs can be easily  tracked in this sim. This sim is mostly targeted to business related persons and staffs . 

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Meaning Payment beforehand. Subsequent payment.
Cost of plans Less Comparatively high
Plans Rigid Flexible
Charged On real time basis At the end of the month
Credit Limited Unlimited
Credit history No requirement Utmost important
Bill Not provided Detailed bill is provided to the customer.

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