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Communication challenges in today’s workplace

Communication is to be effective in any organization for smooth operation and better performance. An organization is comprised of members who are from various culture, language and society .Everyone is not from the same background, so communication has been difficult in such case.

In a meeting, if CEO presents his plans and visions in English language, it is not sure that the every employee participated will understand clearly. There are staffs with extremely high academic qualifications and some with zero. So communication is hard in this case. Even if the manager conducts a meeting in a mother language, all the staffs may not have same mother tongue. It is really costly and almost not practically possible to conduct the individual meet. Language has been the great challenge of communication in workplace these days.

Secondly, digital divide is yet another great challenge for communication. All the employee may not be computer literate. In such case, if they got any information in email, it may create problematic situation. A person with no knowledge of computer is not likely expected to follow the email. In addition, somehow organizational hierarchy also stands as the challenging factor for communication. For instance, if a CEO passes the information to his subordinate “Saturday will not be holiday”. The subordinate manager may understand it in other way “There will be holiday on Sunday, since everyone is called on Saturday”. The staffs subordinate to the manager may even forget to notify other staffs. So, the day Saturday may turn as the temper day for CEO. Apart from this, physical barriers are also standing side wise as communication challenge. Noise is one of the physical barriers. Noise not only just refers to the unwanted sounds like traffics and crowds but it is more than that. The foul smell from the staff’s socks, bad odor from perfume, too hot room, bad handwriting etc are environmental noise. Further, the condition like attending the two meetings simultaneously is competing noise. Use of faulty devices, may also mislead the communication.

In conclusion, today’s workplace is facing lots of challenges in communication which cannot be removed but should be faced. The only solution to all these challenges is to tackle the situation. Not more than that because they cannot be totally removed.

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