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8 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Laptop

Are you planning to buy a brand new laptop from stores? Are you confused which laptop you should buy? What are the pros and cons of that laptop? . So here are 8 things you should keep in mind before buying laptop.

1. Budget

You should first be sure about your pocket. Determine your purchase capacity and set a price range before going to stores.

2. Processor

Processor determine speed of laptop. If you are a professional person you need a fast laptop. Powerful processor can support multi -tasking without being hang .Most of the laptop in market are intel and AMD brand. They both are decent processor.

4. Screen size

Be sure for what purpose you are buying laptop. If you are buying a laptop for watching movies , playing games, video editing and other graphical task then you need a bigger size screen. But if you are using laptop for surfing internet, listening music then small screen is suffice .

5. Design

 You should always choose a fancy and stylish laptop . The laptop must be light weight , slim ,sleek and easily fit in bag pack. Many laptop has a feature of twisting its screen to 180 degree . Some even has a feature to remove screen and use it as a tablet .

6. Graphic Processor

If you are gamer or graphics designer you should go for laptops with FHD and HD video Suppot. But if you are only using it for data entry, web surfing , you don’t need HD or FHD screen.

7. Battery Life

Battery backups is also an important factor that should be consider before buying laptop. Everyone wish to have good battery life who work or play almost all the time on laptop . A poor battery life is always going to hinder your work flow. Go through the laptop that can give battery backup up-to 4-6 hours .

8. Brand

The brand of laptop also matters a lot. Always avoid the brand which you have never heard. Choose the decent and popular brand like HP, Dell, ASUS, Apple, Lenovo or Microsoft.

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